Command and Control Products for the Battlefield

Unretouched Photos, M1A1 FLIR

The picture above is of a set of our 4 foot panels at approximately 1km. It rotates through a sequential series of pictures taken at the same time through M1A1 thermal sights, using different polarities.

This is the home page of EZ Info's Battlefield Reference Marking System.  On this site you will find some information about our products and how to get in touch if you have any questions. For more specific product and other information, follow the links to the left..

BRMS are now in use by the United States Army's Mechanized and Armored Forces and are available through Local Procurement, or directly from us. See our Order page for further instructions. using your Impac credit card.

Our products have been reviewed in Master Gunner News (html) and Armor Magazine (670k pdf).